Learn how clera can get you back to feeling like you again.


Phase 1


Apply clera as soon as you feel tingling or itching around the mouth.

(Apply 1-2 drops, 2-8 times a day.)

Tip:  Always have a tube on hand to act fast.

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Phase 2


Missed your chance to prevent an outbreak? No worries. Apply clera to speed heal the cold sore in as fast as 2 days1.

(Apply 1-2 drops, 2-8 times a day.)

1William J. Embro, DDS “Treatment Of Herpes Simplex Labialis With Stannous Fluoride Gel”, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology” , April, 1999.

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Phase 3


If you missed your chance to speed heal, apply clera to soothe and relieve cold sore symptoms until lesion collapses and immune system returns cold sore to an inactive state.

(Apply 1-2 drops, 2-8 times a day.)
Using clera can result in smaller cold sore lesions and fewer recurrences of cold sores. Its use will not lead to resistant strains of the herpes virus.

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Trigger Alerts

From stress to sun exposure and weak immune system, there are common factors that may trigger future cold sore outbreaks. With useful tips to help you understand what activates the virus, you’ll be able to protect yourself when you feel a cold sore emergency coming. And always remember, apply clera at first tingle to prevent outbreak. 2
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Emotional stress and physical stress, like fatigue, wears down your immune system and can activate the virus from the nerve cell that it lives in. Talk to a loved one, get enough sleep or get active to lift some of the stress you might be feeling.

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Exposure to sunlight, sunburn, ultraviolet light sources and dryness, cold wind and chapping. Invest in a hydrating SPF lip balm (with aloe if possible) during the summer and winter months.

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The common cold and illnesses weaken your immune system. Keep yourself hydrated and healthy with proper eating habits and vitamins.

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Cold sores are common during women’s monthly period and pregnancy. Apply clera to keep the cold sore from flaring up.

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Physical trauma to the area such as a bite, scrape or cut, including forms of dental injections or tooth extractions. Treat the area immediately with the appropriate remedy. Please note that clera is designed for lips and face only and should not be ingested.

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Lip Health Guide

Did you know that your lip health is directly connected to how you live your life?

While forms of stress, weather and injury can spark cold sores, there are actions you can take that can help keep your lips looking their best.


Dehydration can affect your immune system and can cause dry mouth/chapped lips, which may trigger an outbreak. Men should drink approx. 3.7 litres of water a day and women should drink approx. 2.7 litres a day**. But it’s also important to know your body and how active you are as your water intake could change. Getting enough fluids helps your kidneys filter waste and protects you from fatigue (a cold sore trigger).3

** The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.


Did you know that your lip health has a lot to do with what you consume? Eating processed foods can take a toll on your immune system, which can lead to cold sore outbreaks. Try and limit or eliminate your intake of refined sugars and processed foods and instead focus on healthy greens, whole grains and natural ingredients. Eating foods high in Lysine (like beans, shrimp and chicken), an amino acid that has shown to have antiviral activity can also block Arginine (an amino acid found in foods like chocolate and peanuts) that has shown to replicate the rate of the herpes virus. Lysine and Arginine work against each other, so be mindful of what you consume for smooth and healthy lips.4

Skin Protection

Use an SPF to protect yourself from UV rays that can cause sunburn. While a hydrating lip balm with SPF is an excellent way to keep your lips protected and healthy, it’s also important to wear body and face sunscreen during the summer and winter months to protect your overall immune system. More so, sunburns can affect your sleep and overall skin health. These factors give the herpes virus a greater chance to activate.5